Affiliate Disclosure:

This is an Affiliate Website.  This means that we advertise products or services we have used, that our friends use or that we have heard positive feedback about from co-workers, family or other community members.  Every out going link on this site is an affiliate link to a third party company.  Every link is assigned a cookie that tells the third party website that we sent you to them.  The third party websites pay us a small commission if you decide to purchase something from them for our advertising efforts.  Therefor it is imperative to us that you allow cookies and ads when using our website.  If you do not, and purchase something from a third party website, we earn nothing.  So please, allow cookies and ads on our site.

Everything that we display on this website has been purchased by someone we know, or ourselves.  The product was found to be beneficial in raising a happy little human.  The companies we advertise for have, in our opinion, been found to be reputable and reliable.  They care about their customers and we have no qualms in sending you to shop there.  If you have an experience with them that is less than satisfactory, please contact us.  Your feedback is important to us and repeated negative experiences may lead us to drop them as a company we affiliate for.  Plus, as a certified affiliate partner, we may be able to assist you in some way.

Current Companies That We Market:

We have a designer account with Zazzle and sell own own designs/nerchandize through them.  With have been with them for years and have bought many products from them.  We affiliate market their products because we believe in supporting their designer community, they are an American company, we love their products and they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  They are the best place to purchase custom personalized goods or everyday use and for special events.

Our neighbor and friend who is an avid outdoors enthusiast loved to use this product while on outdoor adventures with his boys.  We saw it in action and understand why he loves it so much.  It is on his recommendation that we decided to reach out to this company to see if it was OK for us to Affiliate for them.  Now we do.

These guys have been around for ages and we have purchased from them years ago.  We are thrilled to be able to promote from them and know that there costumes are high quality and absolutely amazing.  And there are so many more costumes there now!  You have got to check them out.  You will find the perfect costume for your child!


We buy graphics to use in our artistic creations.  We use them in our product creations and on this website.  We have had positive interactions with them and have had an account with them for years now.

Our neighbor just had a baby and she received these diapers at her baby shower.  They have only been using them for a few weeks now, but they say they are very happy with them.  A little bit about Dyper...

DYPER was started to solve three problems that founder Sergio Radovcic was facing as a father: running out of diapers, not wanting to use harmful chemicals, and a desire to leave a better planet behind for babies everywhere.

These eco-friendly diapers are better for your baby and better for the planet, too. They’re phthalate-free, lotion-free, PVC-fee, alcohol-free, latex-free, chlorine-free, and perfume-free, and they’re made with viscose from Bamboo so they’re soft on your baby’s skin, while still being extra absorbent to handle your baby’s biggest accidents. They are certified to the highest standards through OEKO TEX and compost friendly. 

We carbon offset the entire diapering journey from manufacturing to shipping and we have partnered with RePurpose Global by contributing a percentage of every product purchase to plastic reduction efforts, making our product plastic neutral.

Our cousin has submitted a few pictures of her child to CuteKid.  She has not won yet, but believes she could.  We think that this is a neat company and are very happy to be able to promote them.