Our Privacy Policy

By visiting our website you provide some very basic information that is necessary in order for you interact with our website.  We see your IP address and the browser and version you are using as well as the machine you are visiting from.  Transfer of this information to us is unavoidable as it is necessary for our website to communicate with you.  While this information is collected by us, we do not store, sell or rent this information to anybody.


We do use cookies on our website.  The cookies we use are attached to outbound links that lead to third party sites.  These cookies identify us as the site that sent traffic to that third party site.  Depending on the third party site, these cookies expire within days to a few months time, or when you clear your cookies.  When you make a purchase from a third party site and our cookie is attached, we earn a commission because our site brought you to their site.  It is how we continue to support this site and our advertising efforts. 


We use google analytics on this site.  This allows us to learn about where our site traffic comes from and where it goes.  This information helps us provide better products to our visitors and helps us improve our marketing efforts so it is easier to keep this site running.   Google using first party cookies to gather information.  As stated on their website:  "Google Analytics collects first-party cookies, data related to the device/browser, IP address and on-site/app activities to measure and report statistics about user interactions on the websites and/or apps that use Google Analytics..." (7/24/2021)  For their policy please click HERE.

If you email us we will receive your email address and any personal information you provide during that communication session.  We will use the information provided to assist you in your inquiry and then we may store it for future communication.  At this time we do not send out email to site visitors so you will not receive unwanted email from us.  We do not sell or rent your email address or any of the information provided during your communication with us.

If you have question or concerns regarding our privacy policy please contact us via our email address in the footer of this page.