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Stomp on by to check out this years best Dinosaur Costumes for Halloween.

When it comes to having exciting, fun, quality Halloween products, we shop Once the little ones were no longer OK with homemade costumes we went searching for a place to get great costumes. The ones we found in the big box stores were usually cheap and not meant to last. Kids will wear their costume all year long, not just for Halloween night. The costume becomes part of their world of play. We often laughed when the little one would come out of their room on a random night in January wearing the costume we bought for them in October.

Out little boy was a huge fan of dinosaurs. Most of his under ten Halloween costumes were dinosaurs and we found a nice selection of them at Out little girl even went one year as a dinosaur. They were so cut stomping around together. Those were the days.

Here are a few of our favorites:

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