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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a relatively new way for people to earn a living.  It involves driving potential customers to a company's website in hopes that they will shop or sign up. 


When you, as the potential customer, purchase something, I make a small portion of the cost of the product or service. 


You as the customer do not pay extra for my efforts.  You do not pay me for my efforts.  The company that agreed to let me be an affiliate marketer for them pays me for my efforts.  They do this because I advertise their product or service and they benefit from my efforts.

Who Do You Affiliate For?

Anything Zazzle related is an Affiliate Marketing link.  These links are found on this website and on our Pinterest Boards.  We also currently Affiliate for Piggy Back Rider.

We are looking to expand of Affiliate efforts, so if you have an Affiliate Program and believe your products or services will benefit our visitors, please contact me at

Why Do You Use Affiliate Marketing?

By using Affiliate Marketing and selling our own custom products we bring our services to you at no cost to you. 


We Affiliate Market because we believe we have a knack for finding unique products that you will like.  Notice that we don't advertise for large box stores.  We look to promote amazing custom products that will make your life easier, provide special gifts or add a little sparkle to a families life.

We greatly and humbly appreciate when you shop through our links.  By doing so you help us keep the lights and the website growing.  Thank you so much!